Jimmy-Kyle v2

When rethinking how the Gigabot should work, I looked at other classroom models and how they worked.

I came across a post giving directions for "RileyRover", a classroom-ready body by Damien Kee (See the instructions here.) While this robot was built for a different set than I was using, it gave me several inspirations to rethink what kind of bot would be most useful for this application. I came up with several criteria for my redesign/additions to the RileyRover theme:

  1. The bot should be 2-wheel drive with a 3rd wheel that was free-spinning, so that kids could turn the bot nearly in place without having to grasp concepts like parallel parking.
  2. The bot should use be able to use all sensors at the same time. (RileyRobot had modular parts which are easier to lose and limit the amount you can do at once.)
  3. The bot should have all ports accessible without taking the whole robot apart.
  4. The bot should have easy access to replace batteries.
  5. The bot should be fairly durable.
  6. The bot should be easy to fix if any parts fell off.
  7. The bots should be able to give simple commands to reach our learning objectives.

With this in mind … I created the second version of Jimmy-Kyle.

His name is Jimmy Kyle, and he's my latest classroom-ready prototype.

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