Jimmy-Kyle v1

The first design I attempted for the Gigabot Project is referred to as "Gigabot Prime" or EV3D4. While he was great for learning the controls and how to use the Mindstorms system, he didn’t work well for our purpose for several reasons.

  1. He seemed rather fragile, like his head would randomly pop off.
  2. His build time was 3-5 hours, depending on the skill of the builder. (This wasn’t going to work so well when you have to build 30+ of them.)
  3. His sensors are in useless places. I mean, why does he have a color sensor up near his face, but pointing off center, so its light drills you in the eye every time you turn it on?
  4. He is hard to steel and control.
Gigabot Prime

Gigabot Prime

So yes, this one looks cute but is basically useless, and isn’t going to work for classroom use. Back to the drawing board!

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