Cozmos 10H Program: Session 9

Simon Says!

Last session, we got to play in Cozmo’s Code Lab, where we can make programs for our Cozmo. Remember: a program is a series of functions (or actions). You create this series by dragging the blocks into the Code Lab Sandbox in the order you want, clicking them to the green flag block. You run the whole program by clicking the green flag at the start. To delete an action, just drag it off the bottom of the screen!

This session, we are going to play a game in teams with 2 robots/tablets per group.

  1. Pick who will go first and put both robots into Code Lab mode.
  2. The first person will add one block to their code and have their Cozmo perform the action – but don’t show your code to the other person!
  3. The second person will guess what that code block is, and then add it to their own tablet. If they get it right, they can add another block and have the robot perform the action.
  4. Keep going back and forth guessing and adding until someone misses the action. Once that happens, the other person wins and you both start over!