Cozmos 10H Program: Session 6

More mazes!

Last session, we got to play in Cozmo’s Code Lab, where we can make programs for our Cozmo. Remember: a program is a series of functions (or actions). You create this series by dragging the blocks into the Code Lab Sandbox in the order you want, clicking them to the green flag block. You run the whole program by clicking the green flag at the start. To delete an action, just drag it off the bottom of the screen!

This session, we are going to use the mazes again and program Cozmo to drive through it. Pick out one of the mazes and use the Code Lab to get Cozmo from the start to the end. You’ll have to test each part of the code from the beginning of the maze and add on to it each time.

If you see a symbol on the maze, it is an action that Cozmo should perform. If you see a square marked cube, place a Cube there and have Cozmo drive from the last spot in the maze to the cube. If you finish one, get another!

Too easy? Try using fewer blocks, or coding Cozmo to get to the end of the maze and all the way back!