Cozmos 10H Program: Session 8

Block races!

Last session, we got to play in Cozmo’s Code Lab, where we can make programs for our Cozmo. Remember: a program is a series of functions (or actions). You create this series by dragging the blocks into the Code Lab Sandbox in the order you want, clicking them to the green flag block. You run the whole program by clicking the green flag at the start. To delete an action, just drag it off the bottom of the screen!

This session, we are going to give our bots a big task to perform. We can put the blocks on one side and move them to the other in a variety of ways. You can try using Explorer mode, the Code Lab, or any other way you can think of. Can you find ways to make the process go faster or more accurately?

To start, set it up like the picture above. For a challenge, think about these questions:

  • Can your Cozmo carry 2 cubes? 3?
  • Does your Cozmo find and pick up cubes better when they are in a flat line or when they are stacked?
  • What happens if the cubes are facing different directions?
  • What method of transporting the cubes was fastest?